Thanks for visiting my blog! I will post random thoughts here from time to time that may have nothing to do with my YouTube channel, but which will definitely be personal and important for me to share. I hope you get something of value from it.

  • Happy Minority Donor Awareness Day!

    Happy Minority Donor Awareness Day! This is celebrated to educate individuals on the need for minority donors and the facts surrounding organ, eye, tissue, and blood donation. This is something near and dear to my heart. I am grateful to be a living kidney donor. It was the best decision of my life. I encourage […] Read More

  • Happy National Avocado Day!

    Avocados have got to be one of my favorite things ever! I have one every day! They are creamy, delicious, and nutritious! And to help us celebrate National Avocado Day, restaurants nationwide will be offering freebies and discounts on avocados. Check out the list here and here, and let’s get avocado wasted today! Read More

  • The Best Food I Have Had on a Cruise Ship

    Choosing your favorite food on a cruise is like choosing your favorite child. This was a tough choice! We have been privileged to have cruised several different cruise lines and while there are plenty of great free or included food choices, specialty dining is my favorite way to treat myself while on vacation. Here are […] Read More

  • Testing out my new webcam. First Livestream | Depstech 4K Webcam

    So I went live last night on my YouTube channel! I bought this new Depstech 4K Webcam and I wanted to try it out! This was fun! I need to plan another one soon! Thank you to everyone who showed up for this impromtu livestream! And for helping me test out my new webcam! Thank […] Read More

  • Friday Vibes! One of my favorite t-shirts!

    This was the very first cruising shirt I ever bought. Still one of my favs! Daniel and I wore this shirt on embarkation day on our back to back cruise on Caribbean Princess in 2018. Good times! Repping Cruise Tips TV on this beautiful Friday! #grateful #cruisetipstv #cruisenerd #fridayvibes Read More